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We understand that security of the data is of utmost importance for corporations and one of the reasons why corporation cannot rely on public mail servers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. That's why we have built complete set of safety protocols like SSL, TLS, MD5 authentication, etc even into our basic version. With NailIt server corporation get absolute control over content and storage, where and how your sensitive data will be saved, being that e-mails, documents, contacts. You can also design your own security policies for NailIt access. For example you can limit access to say 3 failed attempts to enter password before account is blocked. Or you can limit access to only certified devices so only authorized and verified mobile phones can access the server. Or you can go even a step further and implement a custom version of NailIt server designed specifically for your high security environment with special cryptography, encryption and security policies.
The data, being that e-mails, calendar entries or documents stored in NailiIt Cloud are physically residing only on your server and you have complete control over it.
Even stronger security can be done with combination of previously named methods combined with VPN access to NailIt server.
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